here is no need to compromise when choosing Georgia pool billiards for your home room. All the quality and details are there: load-bearing frame in solid wood, game board in slate thickness 25 mm divided into 3 pieces for easy installation, external covering with clean and strong lines in solid wood with two-tone finish, legs
square, leather holes, abalone inlays. available in the only 8 ‘version.



External dimensions: 252 x 140 cm.
Game Field: 224 x 112 cm.
Slate: 3 pieces of 25 mm.
Slate Weight: approx 215 kg.
Game Plan Height: approx 75/77 cm.
Total weight: 354 kg.

The American Pool or Billiards is a specialty set of billiards, which are spread all over the world, mainly in North America.
All specialty American Billiards are played on a table to large holes, you generally use 16 marbles and 1 white and 15 colored or numbered.
For professional and amateur billiards, pool lovers, Biliardoshop offers a wide range of pool tables that you can watch directly on our website.


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