Classic victorian style pool table, entirely made in oak.
The 4 legs are completely hand inlayed and, thanks to the match with the structure and the cushions, they give to the table minimalistic aspect.
The corners and the pockets are made of leather.
Available in the pool version, 7’ and 8’.


  • External dimensions: 252 x 140 cm.
  • Game Field: 224 x 112 cm.
  • Slate: 3 pieces of 25 mm.
  • Slate Weight: approx 215 kg.
  • Game Plan Height: approx 75/77 cm.
  • Total weight: 354 kg.

The American Pool or Billiards is a specialty set of billiards, which are spread all over the world, mainly in North America.
All specialty American Billiards are played on a table to large holes, you generally use 16 marbles and 1 white and 15 colored or numbered.
For professional and amateur billiards, pool lovers, Biliardoshop offers a wide range of pool tables that you can watch directly on our website.


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